I’m a freelance compositor based in Gent, Belgium, with over 10 years of experience in feature film, television and commercials. I have worked as a compositor, compositing supervisor and vfx set supervisor for studios such as Mac Guff, uMedia, Grid VFX and many others.

In the beginning of my career I combined compositing with 3D lighting, which gives me a solid understanding of the 3D pipeline and the multi-pass compositing process.
I have a strong interest in cinematography, photography and painting which are my main pursuits in my free time.

I have a never ending hunger for learning and improving, not only with my compositing skills, but with my painting and photography skills as well. I’ve always been very driven in anything I do, have an eye for detail and am truly passionate about my work.

Colleagues know me as a highly creative artist who is always available for problem solving support.
I work well alone, but am at my best collaborating with others.

I started out compositing on Shake, but switched in 2009 to The Foundry Nuke.

Go to www.linkedin.com/in/josdeboevere to see my work experience.
Visit www.imdb.com/name/nm4579181/ to have an idea of the projects I worked on so far.